When I saw pictures of little Cody, I fell in love instantly. Cody is truly extraordinary...!

My dream has always been to own a solid blue Maine Coon. Limek fulfilled the dream.

Cliff is our first Maine Coon cat. I have very special memories and feel unique emotions in connection with him.

Amanda – our youngest girl is just a perfect example of the great Maine Coon looks and gentle character.

Ordelia comes from far-off Norway. We are delighted by her wonderful, wild look and her cute personality.

Nala is a true princess. She is my perfect female cat with a great pedigree for whom I waited for a long time.

Xully convinced me that Maine Coon female cats can be great and most intelligent animals.

Dream Time was our first breeding male. He became a beautiful, large cat with a great temperament.

Quendi is our dream come true of having a girl born in our cattery which will be the best combination of her parents' distinct lines

Tyr is our long-awaited boy. I’m so elated that he has finally joined us!

Olhan was that kind of a kitten, that you know from the very beginning that you cannot let him go.

Oiltar seduced us as a very young kitten. He was so lovable and endearing that we just couldn’t take our hands off him!